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Thank you for visiting our site. I am excited to tell you about who we are and what we do! 

I have been in the decorating, painting and art business for over 30 years. YES 30 years, way before the ever evolving world of internet, social media, Pinterest and DIY were a thing. Its so amazing to see how the world of design has changed through the years and even more exciting to know that it will continue to evolve. 

With that in mind I take my talent as a blessing. I love being able to learn new things every day and learn from my growing staff, family and clients. 

Altered Style we offer furniture, art and other decor for any space you wish, from your home to office and more. We also offer services that will help you create your dream room or wall designs. In our store we have a selection of furniture, one of a kind canvas and wall art, florals and much more to help make your spaces special and unique. 

Painting is our specialty. When it comes to creating a beautiful space start with your canvas first. Choosing the correct color pallet for your space is key to successfully fulfilling your vision. We help with each step from start to finish in making this possible. ​

Altered Style also offers a studio for all of those DIY-ers. We will be booking all sorts of fun and creative classes open to the public of all ages. 


We LOVE to be a part of your parties/showers or any special gathering. Visit our "book it online" page to schedule a party now. ​ Thanks for the interest in adding us to your design world community!

Altered Style

My Family

My Husband and Business Partner Gary and I. We have been married for 14 years and have been business partners from the beginning of our marriage. Gary and I both have a passion for seeing what the 'normal' eye may not see potential in. Gary loves to find that off the wall item that we both re-design or preserve to make that neat piece of art or furniture the pop it needs! We work well together and collaborate ideas of both femininity and masculine design. 
Britany, my oldest is creative and loves to decorate just like her mama! She helps out with Altered Styles, by coaching me with marketing ideas, website design and keeping me focused on social media. She is married to Cory Adams and they have a beautiful, fun little girl, my first grandchild… Devyn Marie. They live in Coldwater OH.

Taylor is my middle child. She is our numbers gal and is full of energy and organizational skills!

She also keeps me on track with marketing goals and helps on the backend of computer things that I’m not so good at! Taylor is married to Travis Flaute and they live in St. Henry OH

Gentry, my youngest… just starting high school. She is super creative and knowledgeable of all things computer related. Gentry plays a huge part in helping out with Altered Style. She helps out in the store when I can’t be there, Always giving me ideas on different ways we can do things in store and online promotional ideas as well as currently working on my website, and of course she loves her horses.

She’s getting soo big! Attempting to stand alone and wanting to take off. Favorite foods are now noodles and hamburger. Her all time favorite tv show is Spirit. And favorite activity and crawling fast away from mommy and daddy. 

fam pic.jpg

Travis & Taylor (Daughter) Flaute, Helen Schlarman (Mother), Gentry (Daughter) Myself, Gary (Husband), Viola & Floyd Cline ( Mother & Father In-Law), Britany (Daughter) & Cory Adams.

My family is what makes my world go round. We are constantly busy attending some kind of event. I am the oldest sibling of 14 which keeps me busy and always having some major event to attend. My mother is pictured above in the pink shirt. She has given me so much in life to be thankful for. Her strength and belief in me and my abilities as an artist mean so much. I was blessed to have her as part of my staff many times over the last 30+ years and now she is helping with my youngest daughters journey into her new business. My mother in-law pictured on the right of me is also a huge help in our journey as well and is in business with Gentry my youngest in their business "Grandma-N-Me Quiltin"  Located in the same building as our Portland IN location. My family is continuing to grow as both of my oldest daughters Britany and Taylor have added two wonderful Sons to my life and a blessing of our first Grandchild Devyn! We couldn't be happier to have such a wonderful support group and couldn't do it without the love and encouragement from each of them! 

My Shop Family 


Olivia is our amazing part time employee! She paints most of our hand painted decor and custom pieces.